Transformer Oil (non-PCB)


Transformer oil can be considered a valuable commodity, not a waste.

Arizona Waste Oil purchases all transformer oil. We purchase:

  • NON Detect: <2 ppm Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)
  • NON PCB: Contains less than 49ppm PCB

Case Study

When a major environmental company asked AWOS to initiate a program to get rid of their used transformer oil, we designed a program to recycle the used transformer oil instead of incinerating it. We then trained their employees on how to better handle their product to prevent cross-contaminations with other oils and/or hazardous materials.

We now provide this pick-up and recycling service to anyone who uses transformer oil and can train your employees to improve the quality of the product (so you get a better price).

What happens to the oil?

Transformer oil is transported to our facility via tanker truck. We test, analyze and preapprove all incoming product before we accept it or transport it to our facility. Arizona Waste Oil Service, Inc. only transports oil and / or receives transformer oil < 47ppm PCB’s. We have storage tanks designated for Non PCB transformer oil.  We collect complete documentation for each pick-up and can provide an audit package.