Recycled Products

On Spec Fuel Oil

Arizona Waste Oil Service, Inc. produces On Spec fuel oil from the high quality used oil we collect from our customers and sells it directly to asphalt plants or other end users.

Form Oil

Arizona Waste Oil Service, Inc. sells <2ppm mineral oil as a form oil to concrete companies and oil distributors. Form oil can also be used by other companies as a 60vis mineral oil base stock.
Oil Drums

Other Products

Tanks, Totes and Drums

  • 250-300 gallon totes for used oil and or anti-freeze storage.
  • Clean, labeled DOT approved drums for used oil, anti-freeze and oil filters.
  • We facilitate tank builds to customers’ specifications.

Anti-Freeze Products

  • NON–CLOR brake cleaner in 55 gallon drums
  • Windshield washer concentrate in 55 gallon drums
  • Safety Solvent (>142 flash) in 55 gallon drums
  • Extended life 50/50 Global Coolant, meeting pre-charged spec (D6210)
  • Conventional 50/50 coolant, meeting pre-charged spec (D6210)

Antifreeze, Coolant, Solvent, Brake Cleaner