Company Profile

About Arizona Waste Oil Service, Inc.

Arizona Waste Oil Service, Inc. (AWOS) was started by the Jeffers family in 1985 to purchase and recycle used oil in southern Arizona, selling it as a fuel oil to asphalt plants. Over the last 30 years, we’ve outlasted numerous competitors by providing our customers with great service building long-standing relationships while maintaining the highest level of integrity. It is now run by the second generation of the Jeffers family.
An Arizona Waste Oil Services tanker truck
Soon after opening its doors AWOS saw a need for additional services and added oil filter recycling, spent anti-freeze recycling and industrial wastewater disposal. We now provide many other services such as transportation, vacuum truck service, tank cleaning, transformer oil recycling, as well as processing and marketing of used oil.

Arizona Waste Oil Service, Inc. asks what their customers need, provides it, and gives the kind of customer service that only a family owned and operated business can provide.

AWOS is a member of the National Oil Recyclers of America and the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Meet the Jeffers

Jessie Jeffers has more than thirty years of experience in the environmental oil recycling business. He is motivated to constantly grow with changing times and as a result AWOS has, and continues to, add products and services to respond to the market and meet his customers’ needs.

Jessie is also a broker and consultant on environmental matters. Due to his extensive experience, companies consult him about procuring and recycling their oils. He negotiated rail services to move petroleum products across country in a more efficient and cost effective way and finds end users for other companies’ used oil making the recycling of used oils easier and less expensive.

Mr. Jeffers is certified by MSHA, OSHA certified.

Rhonda Jeffers is your key contact person. She has years of experience in the environmental oil recycling business managing the sales team and those providing operational and administrative support. She also analyzes current market trends, and researches new markets and prospective clients, ensuring that the company is up-to-date with current services, technology and regulations. She designs and executes staff development programs to ensure you always deal with courteous, knowledgeable staff.
Photo of Jessie and Rhonda Jeffers